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Commandant Aeolen is the head of Scienstar Academy. Analytical and sometimes indifferent, Aeolen is a scientist and pragmatist at heart, but also a military leader. He captained a Unity starship prior to his current post. He is human, but not from Earth. And although he is a teacher and mentor, he is not always to be trusted. He tends to believe the ends justify the means, which can make him dangerous. Aeolen must balance his desire to see the Unity defeat the Shadar against the awesome technological power the discovery of the Galibria has provided him.


Lieutenant Xen is a human from a world that had reached the age of steam technology before being infiltrated by the Shadar. Gifted and brilliant, Xen carries a hardened demeanor and a no-nonsense style to hide her loss. She is Aeolen’s right hand, devoted, although she is becoming more independent. A natural in technology, she often retrofits Unity tech to the aesthetic of her former culture, small cracks in her otherwise stoic armor.


Gabe is a young and energetic human from Earth. Gabe and Lily stumbled upon the interstellar conflict between the Unity and the Shadar, and helped Aeolen and his crew discover the Galibria that is now home to Scienstar Academy. Gabe and Lily were accepted as the first cadets from Earth, and ever since Gabe has impressed his teachers with his abilities. He is a natural leader who works hard and follows orders. He sees every problem as a challenge, no matter how difficult.


Lily loves science and is fascinated with all things in nature. Gabe’s best friend, and the only other cadet from Earth, Lily puts her knowledge to the test over and over as she proves her worth to her friends and teachers. Geeky but outgoing, Lily can easily be sidetracked by scientific puzzles, even in the middle of a crisis. Gabe and Lily complement each other well; she providing him the information he needs to make quick decisions, and he keeping her focused on the moment.


Serene but cunning, Ferata is a member of an alien species closely resembling vampires from human mythology. She is aware of her ability to invoke fear in others, so she tries to be cautious in her words and actions. She is curious about the new humans from Earth, perhaps more than that, but discovering why will be difficult, as Ferata trusts no one with her innermost secrets.


Tough and independent, Grwys is literally the lone wolf of the group, coming from an alien race resembling werewolves. Grwys¬†tends to act first and seek permission later. Grwys doesn’t go looking for a fight, but he won’t back away from one either. He distrusts Ferata, as his species and hers were lifelong enemies until recently coming together within the Unity. As for the humans, Gryws is of the opinion that only time will tell.


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