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Our world is in danger. The Shadar, an ancient alien evil, are eliminating civilizations across the galaxy. Their methods are subtle, insidious, but the results are devastating, time and again casting entire planets into dark ages, their technology destroyed, their knowledge forgotten.

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But there is hope. A galactic federation known as the Scienstar Unity stands between the Shadar and their goal of domination. The Unity has established Scienstar Academy on Galibria, an ancient space station and library of alien knowledge, in orbit on the far side of the Moon, hidden from Earth.

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Gabrael Brand and Liliana Malotte were ordinary teenagers who accidentally stumbled upon this interstellar struggle. Now, they go to a typical school by day, but each afternoon they secretly transport to Galibria to attend Scienstar Academy as the first cadets from Earth. Together with their friends and mentors – the vampiric Ferata, wolfish Grwys, enigmatic Commandant Aeolen, and steely Lieutenant Xen – Gabe and Lily are determined to stop the Shadar and keep Earth on a path to the stars!

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